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I’m setting aside the publishing mistakes to avoid series for now. The NIWA Blog Tour has begun! Each week for six weeks, I’ll be talking about the organization aspect of Writing Essentials, hopping around from one blog to another. At the same time, I’ll be posting blogs by experienced authors who will be sharing valuable insights on the writing craft and publishing.

Usually, I’m writing sci-fi adventure about things like AI, genetic engineering, near space, possible future with plausible science, utopian/dystopian scenarios… speculating, pondering, having fun.

My latest posts:

Writing Essentials: ORGANIZATION

Wait! Don’t skip this series just because I used the “O” word. Organization doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter that squishes creative people into blocks. Each of us has our way of spreading out, lining up, or sorting our thoughts into useful patterns, collages, stacks—whatever makes the most sense.

Investing in organization promotes good writing. And the opposite is also true. We can really mess up our process if we ignore the organization style that works for us. 

Come join me as I discuss ways to organize time, your mind, your plot, the publication process, sales, and marketing. You’ll be able to follow the blog tour with links posted from one to the next.

This blog tour is hosted by the Northwest Independent Writers Association.