Varida P&R is a small company run by authors with high standards of grammar, storytelling, and consistency who collaborate to produce quality work.

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New Fantasy: The Venomsword

This is an overview of the book, not an objective review. The Venomsword Good reasons to read this book: The Venomsword is an adventure story takes place in a fantasy world with an intricate magic system. Leif and Fryn are engaging and well developed main characters. The villain is interesting and despicable. I love how... Continue Reading →

Interplanetary Adventure

Starting a cooperative publishing company is a lot like traveling to a planet in a different solar system.  It takes years and is really foreign once you get there.  Every step is an adventure you want to record in detail and each pile of dust and extended panorama is worthy of myriad photographs.  Traveling a... Continue Reading →

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