New Fantasy: The Venomsword

This is an overview of the book, not an objective review.

The Venomsword

Good reasons to read this book:

The Venomsword is an adventure story takes place in a fantasy world with an intricate magic system. Leif and Fryn are engaging and well developed main characters. The villain is interesting and despicable. I love how the author counterpoises Mythrim’s intelligence and ruthlessness with the heroes’ skill and strength of character. He introduces a number of intriguing secondary characters, as well. (I hope he brings them back in another book.) The plot moves quickly and takes turns you don’t expect, but Hagelin takes just enough time to paint striking scenes of the colorful, cold city of Frorin.

This may be a simple, fun adventure tale, but I think this author shows promise of much more to come. He has great language skills and tells stories easily and eloquently — and it’s such a relief to read something that has been well edited! No sloppy grammar or disjointed story-telling. I can’t wait to read the sequel!

Points you may want to know: there are some pretty intense fight scenes and a number of deaths, but it’s not overly graphic. There’s romance, too, handled tastefully.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


Paperback available as well. Any major online bookstore, look for ISBN: 9781937046040

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