BOOK REVIEW: “The Dragon Tax” by Madison Keller

Sometimes you just want a light story to while away an afternoon; preferably a well written one. Perusing book tables at a con recently, the “Dragon Tax” cover caught my attention. I picked it up and decided the description on the back had potential. The main character, a renowned dragon slayer, is ‘suspected of aiding and abetting the escape of a dragon”. Cracking it open and reading a couple pages piqued my curiosity enough to buy it, and I’m glad I did.

Sybil Dragonsbane is hired by a king to demand taxes from a dragon. Magic potions are the only thing that persuade her to attempt it, since challenging a dragon generally meant death for someone. But deeper intrigues are at work and she finds herself scrambling to elude the threats mounting against her. It’s an upbeat caper that progresses to a cleverly turned ending and sets the stage for more conflicts and escapades in future books.

Keller brings you quickly into a world that feels very familiar in spite of the dragons and magic, and paints a believable hero whose wits and fighting skills are balanced by respect for human life. Book covers often promise and can’t deliver, but “Dragon Tax” was exactly what it seemed to be: a fun adventure!

Note—use of English is good and grammar is clean. Sex is referred to once without description but the context may not be suitable for adolescents. Some violence is part of the story but is handled reasonably.


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