Interview: IXet SHono

Varida P&R had the exciting opportunity to interview the soon-to-be published alien author known as IXet SHono about (his/her/it) their new book.

Interviewer: Suzanne Hagelin, published April 1, 2017

Varida:          Thank you so much for this opportunity! Um… should I call you “IXet”? or “SHono” or what do you prefer to be known by?

IXet:              No. That is not reasonable. IXet SHono. For you, IXo…

Varida:          IXo? Awesome! What a great nickname!

IXet:              No. For you… you say…eh… ono yspek… Yes. Is good.

Varida:          Ohh-kayy. Great! Tell me, if you would, Mr…Ms… Alien IXo, what was your first impression of Earth?

IXet:              Suitable celestial body for… eh… word? Visit… colony… domination… vacation. One of these words is good.

Varida:          I love your sense of humor! Ha, ha, ha! It’s a good thing you’re so friendly and agreeable or our readers might feel threatened. It’s a great place for a visit or a vacation. I believe those are the words you’re looking for.

IXet:              Yes. (Tips of limbs quiver, i.e. alien laughter.)

Varida:          Tell me about your book. We’re excited to have the worldwide rights to publish the FIRST EVER book by an alien in the history of the human race!

IXet:              No.

Varida:          Uh… Why did you choose the title, “Human Sentients: Do They Reason”?

IXet:              I also want to know this.

Varida:          Of course, we are reasoning beings! That’s obvious! So, the question is, is this a humorous book? Or more of an exploration of earth culture and thought processes?

IXet:              (after a long pause) I see.

Varida:          You are a creature of few words, ha, ha…

IXet:              Your words are insufficient for me. You request more for book?

Varida:          More what? More words? Our editor is managing well with your content—and of course you will be permitted to proof it and comment.

IXet:              Gold?

Varida:          I’m not sure I understand. Never mind about that. It’s not part of the interview.

IXet:              Tsssono gold?

Varida:          Welcome to Earth, we look forward to reading your book, IXet SHono!

IXet:              Shhh… Peace-bava. IXet Ono thenk!

Varida:          Thank you so much for spending time with us today!

Visitors to Suzanne Hagelin’s panel on ‘Inventing Language’ will pick up more clues about this post than most.

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