3 Reasons to Watch SFF Authors When Dystopia Sets In

A mini survey of science fiction and fantasy authors I did recently brought some interesting facts to light that I’m delighted to share with you. It turns out they are mostly optimists with a sense of humor. Who knew? 

In the event of a massive dystopian change in our near future we should check in with these authors. Why do I think that? Here are some great reasons:

Reason #1: 67% of respondents said they would join the underground (and wear cool outfits, of course). They would make great members, too. Chances are they’ve already dreamed up and theoretically solved any scenario that could arise.

Reason #2: Most of them are practical and placed the need for food, water, health, and safety as a top priority, but 40% considered being right—they knew this would happen—to be just as important as contemplating the meaning of it all. This means—yes—they are prepared! Stick next to these thinkers.

Reason #3: Not only do 42% of respondents consider themselves optimists, but they list some amazing things as favorites in our current utopia. I should explain here that a future dystopia makes today a form of utopia. Here are some of their faves: ice cream, puppies, wine, indoor plumbing, and coffee. 
*Note—One author had a witty answer to this question. “Wait… is this not already a dystopian society?” Probably one of our cynics.

More interesting tidbits:
When given four possible scenarios for the future, 33% chose “Clones competing to be themselves” as their preferred dystopian problem—That made my day. Authors with a sense of humor.
Guess how many prefer the idea of aliens struggling with culture shock? 42% It could  make repulsive invaders more relatable, I suppose.
33% of authors actually thought they would support the ranks of (AI, Cyborg, Clone, Alien) forces. Hmm… wait, are those the optimists? 

By now, you might be wondering who these people are. I’ve gotten into a Science Fiction/Fantasy boxed set, a mysterious affair with an as yet undisclosed title and cover, and I’m collecting intel on how they think—so I know who to turn to in a future dystopia. 
I’ll let you know more when I can. 

Speaking of surveys, do you want to participate?
Falling For Dystopia!

Articles I Enjoyed

People Who Read Live Longer Than Those Who Don’t, Say Yale Researchers 

That’s almost as good as the news that coffee and chocolate are good for you!  

Scientists Want You to Lucid Dream

Am I the only one who finds this a little disturbing? Dystopia creeping ever closer… but I might be under the influence of the novel I’m working on though.

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